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Parade Participants

Parade FAQ

Parade FAQ

What is the parade route?

The parade starts at St. Kateri Church on Union Street, heads west on Union Street, north on Van Antwerp, west on Grand Blvd, North on Regent, east on Nott and North on Balltown Rd, concluding at Niskayuna High School.


Can I get from Craig to the parade without having to take my car?

YES! You may park your car in one of the following locations:

  • Medical Arts (Capital Care) building adjacent to Craig School
  • The Chinese Fellowship Bible Church at 2530 Balltown Rd. adjacent to Medical Arts building
  • The Soccer Complex lot off Balltown Rd.
  • Care Net (2123 River Rd.)
  • River Road Animal Hospital (2121 River Rd.)
  • Behind the new Medical Office building (2125 River Rd.)
  • Jewish Community Center (2565 Balltown Rd.)

Shuttle buses will be available starting at 8:00am to take parade participants and spectators from Craig to the Niskayuna High School. For parade participants, there will be another shuttle bus to take you from Niskayuna High School to St. Kateri Tekakwitha (formerly St. Helen’s). Look for Niskayuna School busses.

How will I get back from the parade?

Shuttle buses will continue to run from Niskayuna High School back to Craig until 3pm.

Where do we assemble?

All parade traffic should enter Niskayuna via Union Street. Union Street can he reached from the East by New York Route 7, from the West by New York Route 7 and Balltown Road, and from the North or South by Balltown Road (Route 146).

LOCAL PARTICIPANTS: Local units whose participants will be arriving individually, such as schools, Girl Scouts and all other walkers and similar units are to have their participants dropped off in front of St. Kateri Tekakwitha Church. Cars will be allowed to pull into the St. Kateri’s circle area no earlier than 9:15am and no later than 9:45am due to safety concerns within the parade line-up area. It is suggested that you have several parent chaperons at St. Kateri’s to walk children to their division in small groups rather than waiting for all children to arrive.

UNITS TRANSPORTED BY PRIVATE VEHICLES: These units should car pool to minimize the number of vehicles using limited parking places. All private vehicles transporting unit personnel should proceed to the Niskayuna High School parking lot. Personnel from these vehicles should take the available shuttle buses from the Niskayuna High School parking lot to Parade Headquarters. Participants using these shuttle buses should arrive at the Niskayuna High School parking lot no later than 8:45am to avoid congestion and delay in starting the parade. All vehicles parked at Niskayuna High School WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO LEAVE UNTIL AFTER THE CONCLUSION OF THE PARADE. If you need to leave earlier, you may want to park in the Lexington Parkway area.

UNITS TRANSPORTED BY BUS: These units should transport their personnel directly to Parade Headquarters at Union Street and Cornelius Avenue for drop-off. Empty buses should then proceed to the Niskayuna High School parking lot.

FLOATS: All floats are to arrive at the St. Kateri’s Parking Lot (via Union Street), no later than 8:45am. Upon arrival, each float is to check in with a representative of the Parade Committee (identifiable by their orange shirts) at the parking lot area. Any float not in place by 8:45am will not be eligible for judging in the float competition. Winners will be announced prior to the parade. Posters will be presented to the winning floats and we ask that you display them on both sides of the float for the parade. All floats must be ready to move at the direction of the Float Chairperson. Any float not prepared to move will fall in at the end of the parade. If you have a group walking with your float, please note that they will line up at a different area. You will all come together at the intersection of St. Kateri’s parking lot as you proceed down Union Street (this is done for safety reasons).

VEHICLES: All vehicles participating in the parade are to arrive at St. Kateri’s Church parking lot (via Union Street) at 9am. Upon arrival, personnel from each vehicle should check in with a member of the Parade Committee.

At what time will we assemble?

The parade will begin assembly at 8:45am at the parade assembly areas. Divisions will form as follows:

  • One – Cornelius Avenue: Between Union St & Ray Street
  • Two – Cornelius Avenue: Between Ray Street & Shirl Lane
  • Three – Ray Street

BANDS AND MARCHING UNITS: These units will be in place in their assigned division by 9:15am. Upon arrival at the assembly area, each unit is required to have a representative report to the appropriate Division Head. Once your unit has arrived at the assigned location, it is to remain there. Division Heads will report their division’s readiness at 9:45am to the Parade Coordinators. The parade will begin at 10:00 a.m. promptly – RAIN OR SHINE! It is important that all bands, marching units, schools, etc. have a banner identifying their group. This makes the parade more enjoyable for those watching the parade.

Are the floats judged?

Floats are judged and awards are made for the top 3 floats in the parade. 

  • 1st Place: $350
  • 2nd Place: $250
  • 3rd Place: $150

Is there is anything else we should know?

DISABLED FLOATS OR VEHICLES: Any float or vehicle which is unable to move under its own power will immediately be moved out of the way so that those following can proceed.

RESTROOMS: Restroom facilities will be available for parade participants at St. Kateri School and the American Legion.


  • Only units approved by the Parade Coordinator and appearing in the final parade roster will be allowed in the line of march.
  • Units will not be allowed to show signs or banners other than those which depict the day’s theme or information previously submitted to the Parade Coordinator.
  • Units arriving late for assembly will fall in at the end of the parade.
  • All bands are requested to play as they approach the reviewing stand in front of the Niskayuna CO-OP on Nott Street. This will enable guests at the reviewing stand to hear a full song from your group as you pass by the stand.
  • The use of fixed bayonets by any unit is forbidden during the parade.